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VillageReach was formed in 2000 as a nonprofit corporation, and Blaise, together with Craig Nakagawa, Lionel Pierre, and Didier Lavril, launched VillageReach to address the challenge of healthcare delivery.

Since its inception, VillageReach has been led by a team of mission-oriented global health, technology, and business professionals.  With the support of a dynamic group of donors, partners, board members, advisors, and volunteers, VillageReach has continued to pursue Blaise’s vision of quality healthcare delivered across the last mile to reach those who need it most.

Globally, more than 1 billion people have little or no access to healthcare and 6.3 million children die each year primarily from preventable diseases. The great majority live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where limited resources and infrastructure significantly impede the ability to access quality health services.  Access is fundamental to our mission and history.

While tremendous investments have been made to bring new medicines, technologies, and other global health innovations to LMICs, barriers to delivering these innovations and providing basic health services remain a significant challenge, especially in the most rural and remote communities. Health systems simply don’t have the capacity to effectively respond to demand through to the last mile –  where healthcare is delivered.

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