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The vision for the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) at the University of
Manchester has been inspired by the need to conduct rigorous, in-depth research and analysis
on the impact and outcomes of contemporary and historical crises and conflicts. Founded in
2009, this programme of independent study is driven by a desire to inform and support policy
and decision makers, to optimise collaboration between partner organisations, and to foster
increased accountability within a knowledge gathering framework. In achieving these aims,
HCRI facilitates improvements in crisis response to both infection outbreak and/or disasters on a
global scale whilst providing a centre of excellence for those involved in the business of
providing aid, making peace, building resilience and emergency capacity.

The Institute has developed a novel configuration for research and teaching which uniquely
associates academics, practitioners, non-governmental organisation (NGO) partners,
policymakers and analysts in sustained intellectual engagement. We offer a flexible approach to
the provision of research and taught programmes to cater for the current needs of the aid industry,
as well as prepare the next generation of crisis response researchers and practitioners.

HCRI is a genuinely multidisciplinary centre within which we bring together, existing expertise from
the Faculty of Humanities – including social sciences – and the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and
Health – including population, public and global health, data science, trauma epidemiology
(Trauma Audit and Research Network) and infection (including Public Health England and NHS
England). The interplay between these disciplines of history, politics, geography, the arts, and
medicine uniquely position Manchester as the leading global centre for humanitarianism, conflict
response, and peacebuilding. The University of Manchester has a heritage of developing such
class-leading centres, and HCRI has developed synergistic relationships with other leading
research clusters such as the Global Development Institute and NHS England’s Emergency
Preparedness, Response and Resilience Team. The HCRI also collaborates with the Liverpool
School of Tropical Medicine and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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