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Management Sciences for Health (MSH) works shoulder-to-shoulder with countries and communities to save lives and improve the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by building strong, resilient, sustainable health systems. Together, we seek to achieve universal health coverage—equitable, affordable access to high-quality health services for all who need them—even in fragile, post-crisis settings. For more than 45 years in 150 countries, MSH has partnered with governments, civil society, the private sector, and thousands of health workers on locally-led solutions that expand access to medicines and services, improve quality of care, help prevent and control epidemics, support inspiring leadership and transparent governance, and foster informed, empowered, and healthier communities.


  • Effective local leaders and local institutions create lasting health impact.
  • Health is a human right, realized progressively through access to health care for all and healthy living conditions.
  • Healthy people and communities contribute to economic vitality and political stability.
  • Better evidence to scale up proven methods and technologies will achieve widespread health impact.

We aspire to earn the trust of our partners, our clients, and one another by upholding the highest ethical standards. We strive to do what we say we will do.

We challenge ourselves to achieve exceptional quality in our work. Every employee makes a unique contribution to positive health impact for the people we serve.

Respect and fairness are the cornerstones of collaborative relationships. We appreciate others’ contributions and offer ours with humility.

MSH’s culture is infused with optimism, passion and energy. We honor our history by learning from the past and we embrace new, creative ideas for a better future.

The success of our colleagues and partners is at the heart of our work. In this spirit, we support local leaders in finding local solutions for their challenges.

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