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We exist to prove that a better standard of healthcare is possible. We combine Community Health Workers with improved health centers to achieve lifesaving results. We work to eliminate the barriers to quality healthcare, so that everyone, everywhere has equal access. Through public and private partnerships, our comprehensive model works in forgotten places to provide care for those most in need.

We are a highly efficient, data-driven organization that remains community-led and committed, above all, to having the greatest possible impact for our patients. To do this, we integrate Community Health Workers with improved health clinics to deliver high-quality primary care to our patients’ front doors. We integrate our programs with those that are government-run to achieve scale and sustainability. We integrate our services into community structures to go deeper and address underlying social determinants of health to enable patients to live healthier lives. And we integrate our patients into the design and management of our programs to ensure they are responsive to the actual needs on the ground. We believe that integration is our path to achieving health for all.

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