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Instiglio is a fast-growing global start-up and a niche nonprofit advisory firm, whose mission is to ensure that every cent spent on delivering social services to the people who need them the most has the greatest possible impact. Instiglio aims to be instrumental in shaping expectations, raising standards, and promoting best practices of the international development community’s impact on the world. Its mission is achieved by: (1) continuously innovating on the existing Results-Based-Financing (RBF) and capacity-building tools, uncovering new approaches, and openly sharing its experience and insights with the development community; and (2) improving public sector performance and delivery in low- and middle-income countries through deep strategic engagement and technical assistance.

Operations at Instiglio are executed by a small, fast-growing team in a dynamic and innovative environment. Working in a start-up  with a stability and strong financial pipeline, Instiglio Operations constantly shift between developing systems and processes to accommodate organizational growth and executing on the nuts and bolts to keep the organization running smoothly.

As Instilgio is rapidly expanding both in Latam and in Africa (mainly Morocco and Kenya) the People team will be transforming and specializing, building two sub-teams: one for Talent Acquisition and one for Talent Development. 

Talent Acquisition has become crucial for the organization as identifying and bringing in the right talent (motivated, committed to the objectives of the organization and with the skills and appropriate experience to successfully perform in each role) is vital for the growth of the business. 

Instiglio is made up of a culturally diverse team from 10+ countries with different beliefs, lifestyles, and points of view, but united around Instiglio’s mission and dedicated to delivering the greatest possible impact.

It is a place where curiosity and thirst for knowledge are evident, because the intention is always to be one step ahead of common knowledge. Instiglio strives to respond with excellence and rigor, which is achieved through effective teamwork and collaboration. Opinions and ideas are often questioned, always with the objective to come up with a better solution and thus obtain the best result and have the greatest positive impact on society. 

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