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Fenix’s mission is to improve the quality of life of our customers through inclusive energy and financial services.

In pursuit of our mission, we focus on six core values. These values are at the heart of everything we do at Fenix.

At Fenix, we believe that every single team member’s contribution matters to our success. That’s why we launched Fenix Flames. Fenix Flames is a unique employee ownership program that we designed to recognize the impact of all team members from sales managers, to chefs, to customer service representatives and beyond. Flames is just one way we live out our core value of investing in a high performing and passionate team. It has inspired us to collaborate more closely than ever before, drive tirelessly to a shared vision, and be a true part of the Fenix Family. When we joined forces with ENGIE, over 350 employees participated in a payout, marking a milestone for Fenix Flames.

At Fenix, we believe that employee ownership is powerful. Fenix Flames drives the team to go above and beyond to achieve our long-term goals, to collaborate across traditional department lines, to operate with integrity and to achieve profitability.

Today, there are very few companies who extend ownership to employees despite the transformative effective it can have on businesses, their customers and employees. We hope that programs like Fenix Flames demonstrate the feasibility and impact of broad-based employee ownership and that this is just the beginning.”

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