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Position Overview:

The CRNA will work collaboratively with PIH nurses, Ministry of Health nursing staff at JJ Dossen & PHC, Tubman University (TU), Local County Health Team (CHT) to provide expertise in nurse anesthesia mentorship.

The CRNA will work within PIH’s current health strengthening efforts by managing and actively supporting clinical service delivery, mentorship, training and direct patient care at JJ Dossen Hospital, PHC & TU. This position requires a minimum of 12 months commitment and is based in Harper, Maryland County, Liberia.


  1. Perform, document the pre-anesthesia assessment and evaluation of the patient and obtains informed consent for anesthesia. Develops and implement an anesthesia care plan.
  2. Review, request, and order laboratory/diagnostic studies as permitted by the board.
  3. Select, obtain, order, and administer pre-anesthetic medication or treatment.
  4. Select, obtain, prepare, and use equipment, and non-invasive   monitors,
  5.  Supplies, and drugs for the administration of sedation, anesthesia, and pain
  6.  Management services; perform safety checks as needed.
  7. Select, order, obtain, and administer analgesic and anesthetic agents, adjuvant drugs, accessory drugs, fluids, or blood products necessary to provide anesthesia services.
  8. Perform all aspects of airway management, including intubation.
  9. Facilitate emergence and recovery from anesthesia by evaluating patient response, and selecting, ordering, and administering medications, fluids, and airway support to maintain patient stability during transfer.
  10. Initiate and administer post-anesthesia pharmacological or fluid support of the cardiovascular system.
  11. Initiate and administer respiratory support to ensure adequate ventilation and oxygenation in the post-anesthesia period.
  12. Evaluate the patient’s response to anesthesia and surgery; take appropriate corrective action during the post-anesthesia period.
  13. Provide post-anesthesia follow up evaluation and care.
  14. Discharge the patient from the post-anesthesia care unit.
  15. Implement acute and chronic pain management modalities.
  16. Manage emergency situations by assessing, stabilizing, and determining disposition of patients, including providing airway management, administration of emergency drugs and fluids, and using basic and advanced cardiac life support techniques.

Other duties:

  1. Preceptorship of Nursing students.
  2. Provide support in the management of critical care patients admitted in the critical care unit.
  3. Active member of Hospital Quality Committee and Best Practice Council.
  4. Participants in monthly clinical meetings.
  5. Seeks professional education growth and maintains current licensure requirements for CRNA practice.
  6. Ensure inventory of equipment and surgical supply is done daily.
  7. Support theatre management / supervisor

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  1. Ability to perform clinically as a nurse anesthetist in the facility setting on a regular basis
  2. Ability to operate, use, and interpret data from a wide variety of equipment to perform anesthesia care as well as necessary perioperative or operating room care to support the safety and wellbeing of the patient while they are under the direct care of the CRNA.
  3. Effective verbal and written communication skills are required to effectively collaborate with various clinical staff and other disciplines.
  4. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the patient population(s) served.
  5. Knowledge of infection prevention and control techniques
  6. Ability to maintain confidential records.
  7. Ability to implement and adhere to facility / MOH policies and protocols.


  1. Holds current active Liberian state nursing board licensure as a CRNA.
  2. Graduate from a recognized and accredited school by LNMB.
  3. At least 3 years of experience in a busy theatre.
  4. Experience in Pediatric anesthesia
  5. Liberia national

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