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About AVAC

Founded in 1995, AVAC uses communication, education, policy analysis, advocacy and a network of global collaborations to accelerate the ethical development and global delivery of HIV prevention options as part of a comprehensive and integrated response to the epidemic. AVAC works across the “research-to-rollout” continuum in solidarity with individuals and groups most impacted by HIV.

AVAC advocates for HIV prevention to end AIDS. With partners worldwide, AVAC pushes for the funding, focus, implementation and research that’s needed to make it happen. We:

  • Accelerate product innovation and availability: AVAC collaborates with partners who work across the HIV prevention spectrum, from research to rollout, to expand the portfolio of prevention options and ensure products are available, accessible and used by those who need them most.
  • Advocate for access to high-impact prevention: AVAC is part of a robust civil society movement helping to shape a new era of global health spending and planning related to HIV prevention.
  • Improve research conduct: AVAC advocates for research that is grounded in well-informed, community-centered perspectives. AVAC promotes the adoption of Good Participatory Practice (GPP) in research, convenes consultations and workshops, and produces publications, podcasts, webinars, and other research literacy materials. The involvement of key stakeholders throughout the research process is central to all this work.
  • Promote effective HIV prevention policy: Ending the HIV epidemic depends on political will, committed resources and supportive policies at global and national levels. AVAC’s policy work, in partnership with a global network of civil society partners, focuses on the importance of funding and strategic planning for HIV prevention research and the imperative to bring long-term solutions to the people who need them.
  • Track and translate the field: Our communications and publications translate complex science into accessible resources. This work is at the core of our mission to advance prevention and end the epidemic. We focus on ensuring people with different kinds of expertise can better understand context, community perspectives, science and policy.
  • Strengthen global advocacy networks: AVAC supports the development and sustainability of advocacy networks focused on accelerating HIV prevention from research to rollout. These networks, mostly centered in Africa, bring vigorous attention to science, policy, funding, community, communications, health services and the regulatory process, charting a path to end the HIV epidemic.

AVAC is committed to fostering an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment. Applicants representing communities most impacted by HIV are encouraged to apply, including transgender individuals, people living with HIV, and those from HIV-endemic countries.

AVAC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, military or veteran status and other such factors in accordance with US state and federal laws. 

About Product Introduction & Access

The Product Introduction & Access team accelerates product innovation and accessibility to bring effective prevention options to those who need them most. AVAC and a range of partners are working to accelerate the timely, efficient, effective and affordable development and introduction of new prevention options. This growing body of work currently includes:

  • HIV Prevention Market Manager – Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Market Manager works with partners across the prevention research-to-rollout spectrum to expand the portfolio of options and ensure products are available, accessible and used by those who need them most. Core partner is CHAI.
  • Preparing for Ring Opportunities through Market Introduction Support and Knowledge Exchange (PROMISE), project funded by USAID and led by FHI 360 supports early product introduction planning for the monthly dapivirine ring in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Dual Prevention Pill Project – Funded by the Children’s Investment Fund, this project is leveraging the PMM to prepare for rapid and successful introduction of a daily oral pill for HIV prevention and contraception in 2022.

Role Summary

The Program Coordinator supports AVAC’s Product Introduction & Access projects and team by maintaining, tracking, synthesizing and disseminating information related to the introduction of new HIV prevention options. The Program Coordinator will use their understanding of how policies are developed and implemented and/or how new products are introduced across different geographies to help AVAC anticipate, collect and distill needed information to various stakeholders needs.  This position will also be responsible for reporting and contributing to key deliverables for donor-funded projects. Along with experience performing the essential functions listed below, a successful Program Coordinator will approach their tasks with confidence and curiosity, think ahead to anticipate needs, and maneuver through challenges with initiative and resourcefulness. The Program Coordinator finds satisfaction in both autonomous and collaborative environments, and relies on processes and planning to keep themselves and the team on track.

Essential Functions

Project Reporting

  • Monitor project management plans and timelines across numerous work streams; track project deliverables and support all aspects of reporting, including:
  • Collect and consolidate documents for reports across all areas of product introduction.
  • Synthesize information from staff and external partners for internal and external reporting for the donor-funded projects led by the Product Introduction & Access team.
  • Write monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports.

Materials Development and Maintenance

  • Distill complex information from multiple sources into concise summaries and visual presentations.
  • Track, synthesize and package product introduction information, results, lessons learned and information to make it useful for decision-makers.
  • Ensure consistent and correct formatting for graphics, presentations and other documents
  • Develop and disseminate presentations and publications and provide research, writing and editing support as needed.

Knowledge Management

  • Collect, maintain, update and curate product introduction content for the AVAC and PrEP Watch websites.
  • Developing and maintain key materials on the HIV prevention product pipeline, decision-making tools, and global and country data in collaboration with AVAC team members.
  • Work across AVAC teams to ensure information and deliverables are disseminated to the appropriate internal and external channels.
  • Analyze product introduction information dissemination and uptake for reporting and program improvement.

Meeting Planning

  • Support product introduction and access team with planning and production coordination of all external meetings and events
  • Organize effective internal meetings and calls; develop notes with clear action items.
  • Other duties and team support as needed.

Position Qualifications

While no one candidate will possess all the qualifications listed below, the ideal candidate will embody many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:

  • Commitment to AVAC’s mission and values, including our commitment to fostering an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or 4 years’ experience in public/global health, consulting, communications, and/or project coordination.
  • Excellent writing, editing and content development skills, with an ability to convey complex ideas in a clear, direct style.
  • Experience organizing and managing multiple project components while simultaneously interfacing with our diverse partners.
  • Excellent PowerPoint, Excel, and word processing skills. Familiarity with project management (i.e. or MS Project) and digital marketing tools (MailChimp)
  • Experience analyzing data and conveying complex information visually.

To Apply

Please forward your resume and any supporting materials that tell us more about your professional and personal experience to

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