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Policy Cures Research is an internationally respected non-profit research and policy institute that provides data and strategic analysis on innovation for global health to high-profile organisations around the world.

Policy Cures Research’s flagship project, G-FINDER, provides an annual picture of the global investments made in research and development for neglected infectious diseases, sexual and reproductive health, and emerging infectious diseases. In addition to G-FINDER, global health policy and advocacy organisations engage Policy Cures Research to undertake targeted, in-depth research and analysis on a wide range of neglected disease R&D facets, from historical sector trends to future-looking pipeline cost modelling and funding/resource mobilisation strategies.

Multilateral government agencies rely on our findings to hold governments to account, and governments and philanthropic organisations use our work to help inform their investment strategies. We are experts in conducting surveys and handling data, and are highly regarded for our rigour and discipline.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, independent analysis and reliable project delivery, as well as maintaining strong, open relationships with our stakeholders. We require our staff to have high levels of intellectual excellence and incisive analytical skills, paired with excellent written communication skills and the ability to deal professionally with clients and stakeholders around the world.

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