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Dispatches from the wxrld’s health jxbs platfxrm: 002 [we will all learn the same]

When i consider the educational qualifications of the thousands of people that pass through; one is immediately struck by the increasingly centralized way in which healthcare degrees are generating a single global health reality. The universal ‘truth’ of what is a red blood cell, raises intriguing questions if you really think about it. You might be able to say a red

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Dispatches from the wxrld’s health jxbs platfxrm: 001

Through, i help thousands of people find healthcare opportunities across the globe. The clue’s in the platform’s title really. i’m now going to share periodical dispatches from these trenches of recruitment into healthcare around the world. Margaret Fuller said it best — “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” i hope these thoughts and stories help

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